Hành vi Khách hàng – Đề số 1 (EN)
Hành vi Khách hàng – Đề số 1 (EN)

This test has 30 multiple-choice questions and will last 25 minutes. Each question has only one correct answer.

New firms seeking to sell unfamiliar products/brands will find their task most difficult under which of the following choice behavior condition?

According to the American Marketing Association, consumer behavior is all of the following EXCEPT:

Although consumer behavior research is useful for all levels of strategic analysis, it is most commonly studied and applied at the _____ level(s).

The study of cognition includes an analysis of the processes associated with all of the following EXCEPT:

Which of the following tools are best used to discover the meanings associated with the purchase/use of products/services?

The key process in consumer decision making is:

In studying marketing strategy, the marketer is most interested in:

All of the following statements about the consumer decision process are true EXCEPT:

Which of the following aspects of consumer behavior presents the marketer the MOST difficult continuing challenge?

Problem representation may include all of the following EXCEPT:

The change in societal attitudes toward smoking demonstrates:

The choice which results from consumer decision making is best described as a(n):

In its use of the Wheel of Consumer Analysis, marketing seeks to elicit change through:

Jane decided to purchase a car that was one or two years old with low mileage. In this regard, Jane has started visiting a few dealers, talking to salespeople, and has discussed the purchase with her father. Jane is currently in which of the following phases of the Generic Model of Consumer Problem Solving?

All of the following statements are true EXCEPT:

All of the following are elements of affect EXCEPT:

The development of successful marketing strategies requires research into and analysis of all of the following EXCEPT:

Which of the following methods is MOST likely to be used by firms in the consumer packaged goods industry?

Brands that are activated directly from memory upon problem recognition make up the:

The marketing concept is BEST described as:

Which of the following is overt in nature?

The BASIC task of marketing strategy is to:

Each behavioral intention formed in the process of problem solving is a step in the overall decision plan; this in turn produces a sequence of _____ for goal achievement.

Consumer analysis may be used to analyze all of the following EXCEPT:

As an approach to study consumer behavior, understanding consumption and its meanings is the primary objective of:

Marketing strategy questions may be addressed in all of the following ways EXCEPT through:

All of the following are characteristics of consumer research EXCEPT that it:

A comprehensive consumer analysis:

The consumer’s salient beliefs about relevant consequences become a choice criteria during which of the following stages of the consumer problem solving process?

A product/brand’s position in the consumer’s consideration set may be enhanced by all of the following EXCEPT:

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