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Ngoài phần tài liệu giảng dạy, đây là phần tài liệu đọc thêm nhằm cung cấp cho người đọc các thông tin, kiến thức rộng hơn và sâu hơn cho môn học Hành vi khách hàng. Các tài liệu này được thầy Đinh Tiên Minh chọn lọc và trích dẫn từ nhiều nguồn khác nhau.

Consumer Behavior. Chapter 01: Toyota 2008

For 77 years, in good times and bad, General Motors sold more cars annually than any other company.

Consumer Behavior. Chapter 02: Starbuck 2008

In 2003, Starbucks accomplished something that few companies ever do: It became a Fortune 500 company—a phenomenal achievement for a company that went public only 12 years earlier.

Consumer Behavior. Chapter 07: Hallmark cards

It is one of the least likely businesses ever invented. However, Hall- mark and its main competitors—American Greetings and Gibson Greetings, plus an assortment of so-called alternative card companies—make a good living selling sentiment to American consumers.

Consumer Behavior. Chapter 11: America’s Movie Theatres

The price of admission to many of America’s movie theaters sometimes buys an experience sensible people would pay to avoid.

Consumer Behavior. Chapter 15: Hershey North America

Although Hershey Chocolate USA, a division of Hershey Foods Corporation, did not meet its performance expectations in 1999, the company played an important role in increasing U.S. candy sales.

Consumer Behavior. Chapter 16: Harley-Davidson Inc.

Harley-Davidson, Inc., founded in 1903, is the only remaining American motorcycle manufacturer, although there are some new upstart companies.