Nghiên cứu Marketing_Đề số 1
Nghiên cứu Marketing_Đề số 1

This test has 30 questions and will last 60 minutes.

A literature review can suggest research hypotheses to investigate.

Topic sensitivity is the:

The initial recognition of the existence of a problem or opportunity should be the primary responsibility of the researcher

An in-depth interview

If one is short of time, one should opt for quantitative research as it can generally be completed in a shorter time period compared to qualitative research.

Which of the following is an advantage of person-administered survey methods?

When respondents provide wrong answers due to impaired memory, then it leads to a nonresponse error.

The purpose of theory is to generalize relationships between concepts in a way that is applicable to a wide variety of business and often other settings

Which of the following illustrates abuse of respondents in marketing research?

_____ data is market research data that is collected, packaged, and sold to many different firms.

Which of the following statements is true about the information research process?

Conducting a census is less time-consuming and less costly than sampling.

While evaluating secondary data, the accuracy criterion suggests that researchers must _____.

Which of the following helps generate insights that will help define the problem situation confronting the researcher?

Major reasons for using government documents as secondary data sources is that they _____.

Which of the following is an advantage of using quantitative research over qualitative research?

The iceberg principle provides information concerning the _____.

Services provided by standardized research firms that include data made or developed from a common data pool or database are called _____ services.

Which of the following is true of quantitative methods?

Which of the following is true of convenience sampling?

The first task in the information research process is to _____.

Which of the following is true about sampling errors?

A _____ is an observable item that is used as a measure on a questionnaire.

In which stage of the sampling plan will random-digit dialing probably be considered?

A new supermarket, The Factory, has installed closed circuit cameras and TVs to find out the category of products and the specific brands favored by customers. This is done so that space allocated to different products can be revised. This is an example of:

In which of the following scenarios would you most strongly recommend using quantitative research?

Test marketing _____.

Compared to person-administered surveys, self-administered surveys have:

Which method of sampling relies on the assumption that rare groups of people tend to form their own unique social circles?

The difference between stratified random sampling and cluster sampling is that in cluster sampling:

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