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B2B Marketing. Bài tập 07: Chiến lược phân phối
31/07/2017 Tài Liệu Giảng Dạy 0. Bình Luận

What factors and considerations should be taken into account in the following situations? And why?

a. Clement Company has been distributing its construction safety helmets and boots through retailers in Singapore. The company is considering bypassing and distributing and selling its products direct to customer in Singapore.

b. Daniel Company is currently using 900 local industrial distributors to sell its construction equipment in the Chinese market. The company is thinking of doubling the number of local distributors to 1,800.

c. Reed Company is currently using a team of 20 representatives to source and serve distributors. Owing to low penetration into the distribution network, the company plans to engage 40 manufacturers’ representatives to supplement the sales representatives in order to extend the distribution coverage.


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