Marketing strategy. Case 19 – TROUBLE BREWS AT STARBUCKS

Assignment Questions When Howard Schultz launched Starbucks, who was the target market, how was Starbucks positioned and what decisions about product, price, distribution and promotion supported this positioning? Wall Street and Starbucks management placed great emphasis on the company’s ability to continue its impressive growth rate. What were some of the growth initiatives undertaken by […]

Marketing strategy. Case 20 – GROUPON

Discussion Questions What is Groupon and how does it work? What is Groupon’s market? What does this company do and how does it make money? What does Groupon do that makes businesses willing to pay for its services? Why is Groupon such a big deal? That is, why should consumers pay attention to what Groupon […]

eBook_Marketing Strategy: Text and Cases (7th Ed)

O.C. FERRELL The University of New Mexico, MICHAEL D. HARTLINE The Florida State University. Marketing strategy draws from psychology, sociology, and economics to better understand the basic needs and motivations of these people—whether they are the organization’s customers (typically considered the most critical), its employees, or its stakeholders. In short, marketing strategy is about people […]

Marketing plan worksheets

These worksheets will assist you in writing a formal marketing plan. Worksheets are a useful planning tool because they help to ensure that important information is not omitted from the marketing plan.

Marketing strategy. Chap 3 – Collecting and Analyzing Marketing Information

In this chapter, we begin the process of developing a marketing plan by examining key issues in collecting and structuring marketing information to assist in the formulation of marketing strategies.

Marketing strategy. Chap 4 – Developing Competitive Advantage and Strategic Focus

Situation analysis, as discussed in Chapter 3, can generate a great deal of data and information for marketing planning