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B2B Marketing. Bài tập 03: Thị trường Công nghiệp và Môi trường Kinh doanh
31/07/2017 Tài Liệu Giảng Dạy 0. Bình Luận

Q1: Can a customer be classified as an OEM as well as a user customer? Explain with an example.

Q2: What distribution strategy should be followed by a company, which is marketing tyres to OEM customers and replacement markets and why?

Q3: A major electrical equipment (like power transformer and switch-gear) manufacturer tried to have collaborative relationship with high business potential government organizations like state electrical boards. What are the possibilities of success of this strategy? Explain the reasons.

Q4: How should India’s SMEs, which contribute 70 per cent of the total industrial pollution, not only create jobs and profits, but also protect natural environment?

Q5: What are the relevant macro-environmental factors for a major IT firm like Infosys? What would happen if the firm stops monitoring these macro-environmental factors on the continuous basic?

Q6: Discuss: “Why should a business marketer classify industrial products and customers?”.


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