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B2B Marketing. Bài tập 04: Hành vi khách hàng tổ chức
31/07/2017 Tài Liệu Giảng Dạy 0. Bình Luận

1. Sigma is in the steel production business and is based in China. Rhema is in electronic component manufacturing and is based in Taiwan. What are the environmental factors that would have a major impact on the business of the two companies? How are the factors similar or different for the companies? (B2B S’pore version, Q2, p52)

2. Leonard receives from a Philippines government department an invitation to quote for a truck to transport light goods and equipment. The specifications include the truck’s length and width (up to the last centimeter) beside engine capacity, dead weight and other requirements. The company does not have a truck of such dimensions and is unable to quote. What can Leonard do? (B2B S’pore version, Q3, p52)

3. What would be the composition of the buying center deciding on the purchase of the diagnostic instrument for the large hospital? Who would be in the buying center and what role would they likely play? What buying motives or concerns would each member of the group have? (B2B S’pore version, Q4, p53)

4. Compare and contrast the composition of the buying centres for the following buying situation:

a) Purchase of a $10 million instrument compared to a $10.000 purchase of maintenace, repair and operating items.

b) Purchase of a $10 million instrument for the first time compared to the purchase of a second unit of a $10 million instrument (the first unit bought six months ago).

(B2B S’pore version, Q5, p53).


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