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B2B Marketing. Bài tập 05: STP
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1. Assume you have joined a new company manufacturing and marketing aluminum extrusion products as a head of marketing. The company would market its products to household customers for door and windows frames, and also to business customers for various applications like control panels in electrical industry, water purification equipment, heat sinks for electronics equipment, as well as, door and window frames in building construction industry. Develop a market segmentation plan for the company.

2. Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) is a large public sector company, manufacturing and marketing steel products in domestic market in India, and also International markets. Which macro and micro-segmentation variables and target market segments would you suggest to SAIL?

3. Describe how a positioning strategy should be developed for a small-scale electric motor manufacturing company, in a highly competitive market, marketing to business users and OEM (original equipment manufacturer) customers and how to communicate the same to target customers (make suitable assumptions, if needed).


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