Propose a strategic marketing communication plan to establish unlock equity product positioning from november 2022 to december 2022
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Executive Summary:

The study was carried out with the goal of proposing a strategic Marketing communication plan to establish Unlock Equity product positioning from November 2022 to December 2022.

Many customers are currently leaving Homebase’s Unlock Equity product line. Because many customers have not trusted Homebase, misunderstood the service Homebase provides, and are hesitant to trust Homebase to hold the title.

Students conduct research with Millennials who own at least one piece of real estate in order to better understand the consumer’s perception of the financial industry, understand the consumer profile, U&A, needs, and expectations towards their buying behavior and to build persona of real estate investor and homeowner who are open to using Homebase service in the near future. In order to better understand the customers that Homebase serves, conduct in-depth interviews with customers who have used Unlock Equity in Binh Duong and Nha Trang.

There are five key findings about customers: having a business, having a high income but being unstable, being knowledgeable and professional. And the top three channel media to be that key concerns are: social media (Facebook, Google), word-of-mouth (WOM), news, and press.

The research findings serve as the foundation for proposing a Marketing communication plan with three main projects: content partnership, Kol project, and testimonial clips.

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